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    A30 (and MCB) in action!

    This is my A30 (with its travel partner the Medium Cafe Bag) preparing to board a regional jet. It contains 3 changes of clothing, a light sweater, PJs, a travel pillow, a pair of heels, a large travel tray with my phone charger and some odds and ends in it, and my toiletries/makeup. The MCB contains my regular purse stuff, an ipad mini, and a bottle of water and some snacks. (Don't they look happy?)

    A30 (and MCB) in action!-screenshot-2018-09-01-22-06-01-png

    The A30 fit comfortably in the overhead of the CRJ. The MCB was on underseat duty.

    A30 (and MCB) in action!-screenshot-2018-09-01-22-06-28-png

    On the way back, things didn't go quite as well on my second flight, an A321. The only space in the overheads was towards the back of the plane, and I was seated somewhere in the middle. So I took my sweater out of the A30 (the plane was also cold), and my water out of the MCB, put the MCB in the A30, and stuffed the whole thing under the seat. It was a tight fit, but it worked.

    A30 (and MCB) in action!-screenshot-2018-09-01-22-07-29-png

    It's my first time traveling with this particular combination (the MCB is fairly new), and it was fantastic. The MCB fit comfortably in the A30, but was also large enough to hold all my purse and in-flight stuff plus a LUNCH (bottle of water and a salad!). This trip required hiking between terminals for tight connections, taking shuttle buses, and going up and down lots of stairs, and the combination was light and extremely comfortable. I think this is my new default combination for short plane trips.

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    Wow that looks so good! Fingers crossed that I'll be ordering that same combination later this year and I can't wait to try it out for a 2 week trip.

    Was the MCB your only purse/EDC bag for that trip, or did you have a bag-in-bag for that purpose?

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    Very nice. I've been trying to decide between an A30 and S19. This helps because a lot of my flights are on regional aircraft.

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