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    Notebook Fieldnotes and Nomad, in Sidekick's Interior Pockets

    I'm so happy that - my Nomad Notebook Planner had finally arrived - a few hours ago. Also, together with some Fieldnote goodies - including the latest 15 Months Calendar.

    First time owning the 15 Months Calendar. A bit surprise to really see how small it is. Also, my first time with Nomad. I'd been with Resolution since February. But due to a change in the way I sorted my To-Do, scheduling and both work and personal life, I like to use the smallest form of Monthly View at one glance to understand what's coming for each month. While moving my daily and weekly chores into To-Do App, which I find an easier solution for those constant update on-the-go.

    Well. I was experimenting how to carry them in my Side Kick and found, how wonderful that the SK hold them all with ease - include the Calendar.

    Notebook Fieldnotes and Nomad, in Sidekick's Interior Pockets-sidekick-nomad-fieldnotes-pockets-png
    Fieldnotes on the left, while Nomad Planner on the right. Both are still sealed in pack of 3.
    Standard Fieldnotes size 3" 5". Nomad Planner is also similar size

    Notebook Fieldnotes and Nomad, in Sidekick's Interior Pockets-sidekick-fieldnotes-calendar-pocket-png
    Fieldnotes's 15 Months Workstation Calendar fit just right onto the pocket with ease. One could still slide in additional stuff like pouches.
    Calendar dimensions are 6" 7" (15.2cm 19.1cm)

    Notebook Fieldnotes and Nomad, in Sidekick's Interior Pockets-sidekick-bird-eye-view-sc-notebook-jpg
    Everything from bird eye view. Additionally, a small Snake Charmer in the middle.

    Enjoy! Have a great weekend everyone!
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