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    Small zip-top shop bag as personal item

    Four planes, A30 as carryon, zip-top shop bag as my personal item with my side kick (and a bunch of other stuff) inside.


    This bag performs like a combo of the small shop bag and the pilot. It's light, but has pockets to hold water bottles straight up. It stands up under the seat, preserving most of my legroom. It holds a surprising amount - at one point I had my down jacket, a hardback book, water, snacks, and a stuffed side kick in there. But it still looked tiny!

    Ideally, I would have liked rings on the outside so I could clip on a shoulder strap (a la the side effect), or slightly longer handles, but it made a GREAT personal item and I'll definitely take it again.

    The A30 remains the bag no one can argue with -- at one point I was having my boarding pass scanned, and they announced they would be checking all remaining bags that would otherwise go in the overheads. They let my A30 through though. I figured I might end up with it under the seat, horse-trading stuff with the contents of the zip-top shop bag in case IT was the one that had to go in the overhead. Nooo. It turned out there was actually plenty of space, and the A30 fit in the overhead standing up.

    Overall, I was a very happy traveler, and considering how much I was carrying (all my regular winter travel stuff + gifts), my bags were extremely comfortable and convenient. Bravo, TB crew!

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    I used both the Large and Small zip top shopping bags as my luggage on a recent trip.... and they are perfect!!! I agree about hooks on the outside for a longer strap...with a thick winter coat the handles are a snug fit.

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