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    I wanted to love the Luminary 15

    I had tried the Luminary 12 a few years ago, but found it not quite big enough for my 13" macbook pro + accessories.
    Context: I'm a freelancer and my office is my backpack. I work from coworking spaces, coffee shops, remote offices, wherever. So my bag needs to have enough room to carry my essentials, but not be too big or too heavy (this is less an issue now that I'm not living in NYC, but it's still a factor.) So I'm forever on the hunt for the "perfect" work laptop bag.

    So i ordered up the Luminary 15 in an aubergine and the gray, (both LOVELY colors in person). The back laptop pocket fit my 13" Macbook Pro perfectly (( have a plastic case on it as well). All my other work essentials fit: power brick, Bose quiet comfort headphones + case, keyboard, trackpad, and my new ghost whale with my personal effects (wallet, phone, pen, lipstick, keys). Well I could see putting the keys in one of the front slice pockets. Now, it all fit, but since they all go to the bottom, there was about 3-4 extra inches at the top of the bag, which causes the "foldover effect." I took a picture but i accidentally deleted it.
    I wished that the front pockets were more gusseted, to fit more.

    Fit: I don't know if it's the material on the back, or the material + the laptop, but it felt very stiff on my back. Also, the straps never sat quite right on me. Not as comfortable as the Synapse 19 i have. I'm 5'8", with a long torso, and the backpack still jutted way up above my shoulders.

    So sadly, the Luminary 15 will not be my new work backpack.
    I wish Tom Bihn would make a dedicated minimal 13" laptop backpack.
    Zero complaints with Tom Bihn materials and workmanship, as usual!

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    I think I’m the odd one out here. I find the straps on my Luminary 15 to be much more comfortable than the ones on my S19 (original).

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