Took a newly acquired Luminary 15 out for a lean this is so windy here today, it honestly feels like you have to lean against the wall of air and push forward, foot drag by foot drag. The luminary performed supremely as I'd both expected and hoped. Two notable features (among many...) stood out and prompted a giggle that blew away on the air currents.

Instead of the 'Swish and flick" of Wingardium Leviosa to raise a feather...(Harry Potter) it is the "Squish and Slide" of raising and wearing this pack. The straps are fantastic!! They have just the right amount of cushioning and the fabric that backs them is wonderful for on and off...the straps simply slide over what is covering my shoulders. Fleece...raincoat...the cotton of a shirt.

I find the S19 also isn't about the Luminary over another TB bag for comfort... these two features simply stood out to me this morning and I thought Wow, spot on yet again.