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    Forum Member NYCWriter's Avatar
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    Manhattan. I haven't flown on a plane since the '90s.
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    Geeking Out on New Bags: MCB, FS, Cubelets

    Package just arrived today!!!

    Geeking Out on New Bags: MCB, FS, Cubelets-img_3650-jpg

    Initial thoughts:

    I'm not a "grey" person, but I love this shade on the Medium Cafe Bag. I actually can't stop looking at it. And the Island blue is even deeper and more vibrant than I was expecting.

    The "grass" color. Wow. I'm sure by now you can tell green is my favorite color. I was a bit apprehensive, however, about "grass"; on the website it looked a bit minty -- almost like a McDonald's shamrock shake -- which is not necessarily the direction I like my greens for year-round stuff; I love mint, but to me it only looks appropriate in the springtime. Once Easter passes and we're into summer, it always looks a bit like an Easter decoration that's been left out too long.

    BUT ... in person, "grass" is really more of a vivid kelly green (my favorite!), which to my eye works for all seasons -- summer and Christmas especially.

    And speaking of Christmas -- the "Mars red" cubelet. I bought this in a cubelet mostly just to see what the red looks like in person -- and I'm pleasantly surprised. On the website I thought it may turn out to be a bit too "tomato" or "fiesta" (red with added yellow, bumping the needle just a hair over into the direction of orange). But this is a deeper red. I won't go as far as calling it "Christmas" red (which has more blue) -- and even in this photo looks a couple shades brighter than it really is -- it's more of a deep brick.

    The aubergine was no surprise; I already have a Co-Pilot and small Q in the same color, which I love.

    And finally -- "Dawn". Another pleasant surprise. On the website (and even in this photo that I just snapped), it looks more periwinkle, which is what I was expecting. But in person it's actually about two shades darker (if I had to name it myself, I'd call it "dusk" rather than "dawn").

    It's not grey. It's not blue. It's not periwinkle, eggplant, or aubergine. But it does have an ethereal quality that works for both masculine and feminine sensibilities.

    Love them all!!!
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    Forum Member ButtUglyJeff's Avatar
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    Nebulous Gray and Island are just a fantastic looking color pairing...

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    Beautiful picture!

    Thank you for sharing, it is a very nice haul!

    I love Dawn also, you are right, it is an ethereal color, I tried to describe before but you found the perfect word.

    I stocked up on Dawn items when it was in danger of being discontinued (Crew, what were you thinking!) ;)

    But, everyone loved it so much that it was kept in the lineup.

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