Travel Tray fans are probably wondering how the 210 Travel Trays compare to the Halcyon ones. Here is my take on it.

The 210d Ballistic is obviously thicker and even with the variances between colors, Dawn is one of the thicker-feeling middle colors (in my opinion). For some uses of the TT, this is fantastic! If you're, say, using a small one to hold your toothbrushes, it is a little more sturdy than a 200d Halcyon one and I wasn't as worried about my toothbrush tipping it over.

210d Ballistic is also gorgeous in a more understated way than the Halcyon. I can imagine that people who store things in TTs around the house will go absolutely bananas over them as they are stunning to have on display.

The 210d Ballistic Travel Trays don't scrunch up quite as small and aren't quite as light for travel as the 200d Halcyon, so some may prefer the Halcyon for this reason.

For me, I don't like to scrunch 210d Ballistic at all because I don't like the way it looks wrinkled, so I have taken to folding down my Small Dawn TT:

This was tricky to photograph without an extra pair of hands! Turns out that the piping doesn't like to be folded so it kept popping back out when I wasn't holding it.

Here UV and Dawn are both folded:

Here is the Halcyon scrunched and the Dawn folded:

Truly, the TT in Dawn is absolutely gorgeous and a welcome addition to the TT family.