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    Synik 30 Long Weekend with Two Laptops - One Bag

    Took a quick hop down to LA this past weekend to visit some family... 3 nights with one day working remote and two days just hanging out (finally went to the La Brea Tarpits after all these years)...

    As I mentioned in previous threads, I usually don't bother to One-Bag it, but thought I'd test it out with the Synik 30 to show how it goes for folks who might be on the fence.

    Main Compartment:
    Cache - MacBook Air 13" - (old one from 2013, so doesn't fit in onboard SN22 sleeve)
    Onboard device sleeve - HP Pavilion - (same footprint as Air, just a touch thicker, also doesn't fit SN22 sleeve)

    Pair of jeans against the back panel, using the tie-down straps
    A30 Small Laundry Cube - 3 short sleeved shirts
    A30 Small Laundry Cube - 4 undies, 1 bra, sleep shirt & shorts
    Small Snake Charmer (only partially full with cords, mouse, etc) along one side of the A30 cubes
    hard case with sunglasses along one side of the A30 cubes

    'The Kit' (discontinued, in Kiwi) with dry toiletries at the top of the main compartment along with a trade paperback sized book

    Travel Cubelet (partially full) & external phone battery in one
    3DOC Clear with wet toiletries in the other (partially full) plus the phone power cord
    Keys on leash in water bottle pocket & 16oz Nalgene water bottle
    earplugs, tissues, Clif bar in small front pocket
    lumbar pillow & Kindle in case in chin pocket

    The Stuff (oops, forgot to show the second laptop & the misc in the small front pocket):
    Synik 30 Long Weekend with Two Laptops - One Bag-img_20190811_133704-jpg

    Main compartment:
    Synik 30 Long Weekend with Two Laptops - One Bag-img_20190811_133500-jpg

    Full pack hanging out at Burbank airport:
    Synik 30 Long Weekend with Two Laptops - One Bag-img_20190811_095754-jpg

    Synik 30 Long Weekend with Two Laptops - One Bag-img_20190811_095815-jpg

    Was full, but not jammed packed and I wasn't super careful about optimizing. I could get the HP laptop out both access point.
    Next time I'd probably remove the tie-down straps as I didn't really need them.
    Putting my lumbar pillow & Kindle in the chin pocket made it easy to get them in & out before putting the pack in the overhead bin - it's too big to easily fit in the Southwest narrow aisle seat space. Grabbing the water bottle out of the center pocket is also quick- I never bother to zip that one closed.
    Last edited by G42; 08-11-2019 at 02:16 PM.
    I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...

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