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    Synik 30 initial impressions and a packing test

    Got my PPB S30 and decided to test it with a possible layout for an upcoming trip to Gozo.

    Western Flyer size Packing Cube Backpack with one pair of long pants, two pairs of shorts, and seven T-shirts/polos (this cannot be packed fully, as it is slightly too long)
    WF size small packing cube with seven pairs of underpants, three pairs of socks, swimming trunks and an electric razor
    WF size small PC with European size 43 sandals, diving computer and diving lamp
    Side Effect with laptop power brick, USB charger, etc.
    Clear 3DOC with toiletries
    Sony NC over-ear headphones
    MacBook Pro 15"

    Synik main compartment takes in the WF cubes and the Side Effect. Laptop goes into the laptop compartment without any sleeve (tight fit but is doable even through the side access with the bag fully packed). 3DOC goes into a front side pocket, and the headphones go into the front bottom pocket. This all fits (with even some space left in the main compartment and in the other front side pocket), weighs about 9.5kg and is pretty comfortable to carry.

    I'll try to add some pictures into the thread, I'm having issues with attaching them for some reason or other.

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    Packed Synik front view

    Packed Synik side view

    Front pocket contents

    Main compartment

    Main compartment without the Side Effect

    Main compartment without one SPC

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