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    Weekend with an S30

    My sister's S30 was a Countron pre production batch lucky duck... And it arrived too late for her weekend trip, but not mine! So I, uh, borrowed it. I'll totally give it back, I swear.

    Anyway here's how it went:

    Laptop in the laptop compartment, jeans folded against the back panel, pajamas in my small island travel tray, bathing suit in the yellow wet bag, shirts/socks/underthings in the dawn PCSB. Sandals in the interior pocket.
    Weekend with an S30-img_20190909_184155-jpg

    Clear 3DOC in the left outside pocket, travel mug in the water bottle pocket, earbuds/iPod in the little middle pocket, glasses/keys/wallet in the right pocket, in-flight SE and laptop cables in the bottom pocket.
    Weekend with an S30-img_20190909_184058-jpg

    My first impression was "ugh it's huge." But I think that's because I can't help but compare it to my S19. My sister didn't think it was big because she was comparing it to her luggage backpack (which this bag will replace). And, yeah, it's not bigger than the A30. But it is MUCH more comfortable to carry than the A30.

    I took the frame sheet out. I like the softness and smooshability. The straps are soft and smooth and squishy, but I need the sternum strap to keep them comfortably on my shoulders -- and I have pretty broad shoulders. I don't need the sternum strap for any of my other TB backpacks.

    The A30 is better for living out of. You have to unpack the S30 when you get to the hotel. But the S30 is more convenient and comfortable en route. Great for this trip, when I spent Friday and Monday traveling all day, flying cross country, and just Saturday and Sunday doing the destination things.

    This is a great bag. Mine will be parapack, which I'm looking forward to!

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    Nice! And now I think I might have to add a SN30 to my wish list...
    current EDC- Black Ballistic Travel Cubelet with an Orange 152 COW. I have MANY pouches... My goal is 1 in every color EEK! 好的朋友

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