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    an ode to my travel tray

    I haven't been camping in two decades. I loved it in my twenties, but then I had jobs and grad school and marriage and twenty years passed and I haven't spent a night in the woods. So I don't have my gear anymore. So when I thought, "hm, camping would be nice," I found a Glampsite not too far away.

    Yeah, I went glamping. It feels dopey to say, but it made sense. They provide a tent on a wooden platform, with a real bed, even private plumbing! It sounded like the perfect compromise. So I packed for somewhere between camping and staying in a hotel overnight. No gear, but lots of light layers. Clear 3DOC and travel tray.

    I packed my sister's Synik (she needs it back next weekend boo) with my laptop and a change of clothes. Here it is in front of the tent, where it looks pretty normal.
    an ode to my travel tray-sn30-7-jpg

    Notice the stuffed ottoman thing with a black/white/red plaid blanket on it? I ended up crouched on that ottoman for about ten minutes in the dead of night.

    Anyway, here's the inside of the tent where it looks *glamporous*. I found all of this frou frou pretty entertaining, and VERY comfortable once it was time for bed.
    an ode to my travel tray-sn30-6-jpg

    Fast forward to 1:30 am. Being a woman traveling alone, safety is in the front of my mind at all times... We've all had that moment, hearing someone (or someTHING!) walking by the tent, expecting it to pass, ready to react if it doesn't keep going...

    And that moment of listening to noise outside turning into noise INSIDE MY TENT tore a scream out of me like a teenager in a slasher movie.

    It was a skunk.

    In my tent.

    It didn't give two shits about me. It didn't run when I screamed. It didn't run when I switched on the electric lamp on the nightstand. It didn't spray. It went to the trash can by the nightstand and started picking through it.

    Now I'm FULL OF ADRENALINE and crouched on that ottoman, texting the guy on call all night, who arrives and calmly shoos the skunk out MIRACULOUSLY without any spray or rabies or anything. But I'm going the hell home. Zero chance of going back to sleep, too many energizing neurotransmitters pumping through me. Also, GAH! So I need to pack up my stuff. Most of it was on the trunk at the end of the bed, but lots of little things are on that nightstand. Which is where the skunk had exited, hesitant and curious, out the BACK of the tent, by the head of the bed.

    So I skitter over to the nightstand, cinch up my travel tray with my glasses, watch, bug spray, eye drops, nose spray -- all the random little necessary things that would be SUPER annoying to pack up without the TT. But hurray! No annoyance: fold, cinch, boom. Packed.

    I have never loved a bag so much as I loved that travel tray at 2 am.

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    Good story! The travel tray is one of my favorite accessories, but in have never used it quite like that!

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