This is an update to my initial post, "Synik 30 Initial Review: Great Bag, Disappointing Straps." Long story short: TB replaced the straps on my bag and the new straps feel fantastic!

Short story long: After that original post, Matthew R. at TB reached out to me right away. He sought more info on the problem I was having. He ended up asking me to send in the bag for the crew to take a look. He also offered to refund my purchase if I was not happy, even though I had used the bag, saying that the company appreciated my feedback on a new product that much. He made it clear that this offer stood, even if they found nothing wrong with the straps.

Turns out, the straps had what they called "excessive cupping." As Darcy has pointed out in that thread, this is rare and it's an anomaly that the pack made it out the door with those straps.

I opted to keep the bag (and likely would have no matter what). TB returned the bag---and they covered shipping both ways. [Contrast this with another higher-end pack manufacturer who, despite their satisfaction guarantee, recently refused to accept me returning their product after two gentle trial runs. In order to defy them to find any hint that the pack was in mint condition, I'd have had to spend $20 to send it back. If they decided to refuse the return, I'd have to spend another $20 for them to send it back to me. Now I gotta figure out a way to sell that pack.]

The experience with the new straps was totally different than before. The plush feel in the hands now translated to the shoulders. I loaded the bag up with books, laptop, water so it was plenty heavy, and it remains super comfortable. Compared to other bags' straps I've used that I find very comfortable, these are narrower; it's a testament to the materials that they fell as good as wider straps.

Thank you to Matthew R., Darcy, and the whole TB crew. My first experience with Tom Bihn products and people has been superb!