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    Monster Truck - car trunk bag

    Here's a Nebulous 525 ballistic Monster Truck shown holding some of the random stuff in my car trunk (hatch really, it's a Forester)

    I originally thought it would be too big to put in the rear seat foot-well, but it does fit behind my driver's seat. Note that I am 5'4", so the seat is pulled reasonably far forward. The Subaru Forester isn't exactly known for big back seats though, so I was surprised.
    Doubt I would normally put it here though, I'd probably put it in the back. I keep a spare Pop Tote in the foot-well behind the front passenger seat, that normally holds my Shop Bags, hat, fleece, etc.

    Monster Truck - car trunk bag-img_20191128_095256-jpg

    Things currently in my car that I loaded in just to see
    Monster Truck - car trunk bag-img_20191128_095616-jpg

    Two original Large Shop Bags, one original Small Shop Bag, & bicycle helmet in one side
    Mini Yeoman duffel holding emergency change of clothes, etc. on end in center & a folded picnic blanket
    Bump cap & umbrella in the other side
    Monster Truck - car trunk bag-img_20191128_095724-jpg

    Random Bugs Bunny quote, speaking to Gossamer: "Such an *interesting* monster"
    I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...

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    This is so helpful -- I use my Truck to carry my horseback riding gear, and I have to keep my helmet in the middle compartment because the sides slightly too small for it. And here you show me TWO types of helmets, as if you knew exactly what I needed! Now I just need to see a pair of paddock boots in the center compartment LOL!

    Planning up upsize to the Monster Truck (MT?) for my riding gear, and use my Truck Truck for laundry and otherwise carting stuff around the house.

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