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    The Icon for EDC

    If anyone is on the fence about ordering an Icon, hereís my take on who it is for.

    Youíll like this bag if you want something the size of a Side Kick Plus, ie you might carry a Side Kick but also want additional room for a hat, gloves, water bottle, and 3DOC.

    Youíll probably also like this bag if you want a PCSB with built-in organization. There are internal slip pockets, pen pockets, and two additional external pockets. (I realize Iím comparing the Icon to smaller bags. You can put more in it than I am going to show here, I just really like to be able to see everything in the bag.)

    You would like this bag if you want the organization and quality of a Tom Bihn bag but youíd also like it to look eye-catching and not perfunctory.

    Iíve been carrying this bag every day as my EDC, some days replacing a Travel Cubelet and some days replacing my Parental Unit. Iím usually a big fan of marsupial bag-in-bag modularity. My Travel Cubelet lives in my Parental Unit.

    Because of the organization of the Icon, I have decided that for my stuff, I prefer not to marsupialize. For me, the Icon is a just-right size as The One Bag.

    Here it is filled with normal stuff for this time of year:

    (I have only just noticed that pen mark! The Icon for EDC)

    In the rear pocket, winter accessories:

    In the main pocket, my essentials from the TC and also some extras (mug, shopping bag, Super Mini GWs, and 3DOC for cleanups while out with the kids.

    And in the front pocket, an ultra light umbrella on which sit my keys:

    This is a great size for everyday stuff. I wouldnít carry a small laptop or even a tablet in it as I like how well the Icon molds to the body. Itís easy to forget itís there. Itís a great everyday companion.
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    Yes, this is definitely a bag that molds wells to the body. I added some pictures to my thread comparing this to the Maker's Bag to show more of the way the bag works. I really like @Cristina's approach, since her packup is closer to what I'd put into the Icon for my own use instead of using the questions other people ask me to guide the photos. For example, I can carry an Ibex Hooded Indie easily in the back pocket, but those are all things I took out to shoot pictures of the contents with Small Freudian Slip, yarn sacks etc. If you definitely want the version most likely to stand upright when you load it with lots of stuff and have your knitting in it, I'd probably get one of the Ballistic Nylon versions. The 630d versions probably mold more based on the feel of the fabric.


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