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    My Mini Prep Bag: A look into the HLT-1

    Where does a gal put all the little things she needs, all in one place? Why, in the Prep Bag, of course!

    (apologies for the color of these photos — working with my phone camera with not the best lighting)

    So this is how I’ve decided to kit out my HLT-1 for now, with all the necessities I might need during a day. Covering everything from, “I actually have to see people tonight and I don’t have time to go home,” to the monthly, “oops I forgot it was coming but thank goodness I’m prepared!”

    In the front pocket, we have an emergency stash of emergency things, an eyeglass cloth, and a toothbrush for keeping the eyebrows groomed.

    On the inside: tweezers and nail clippers in one of the mini inner pockets; a repurposed travel Advil case for daily pills in the other mini pocket; a mini Tide pen, a mini toothbrush and mini toothpaste in the webbing straps; mini containers of face powder, skin balm, and concealer/foundation, plus a mini mascara and a repurposed glass Kiehls sample bottle containing my face oil in the big mesh pocket; a larger emergency pad and the swishiest of swishy retractable face powder brushes in the middle.

    And voilà! I can probably squeeze more odds and ends in, but for now, this serves its purpose quite well! I love it.

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    That is brilliant!! I've been using a 3-D organizer cube for the same sort of purpose (and a small Q-Kit for a scaled down version), and it has worked out brilliantly.
    Proud owner of a conifer/steel Synapse, indigo/black Swift, a couple of yarn stuff sacks, a clear organizer wallet and various organizer pouches

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