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    Post Review: Why Synik 22 > Synapse 19 (for me)

    I just received my order of a Synik 22 and a new Synapse 19 (my S19 predates the cache system). So yes, this review is a little late to the party, but I think it may help some people with their decision.

    I figured I'd get a new S19 to replace my old one because I was curious about the outside pockets redesign, and quite frankly I wanted to see if cache loops really made that big a difference (they do for me). I have a GE Sy22 pre-ordered, but I wanted to try out a Synik before April to know if I should keep the pre-order or not. I fully intended to keep either the Green or Ursa S19, and return the Sy22 once I knew how it packed. I was wrong.

    Stats: 5'6" Female Professor

    Sy22 > S19 (for me):

    The straps
    -- yes, both the Sy22 and S19 have the edgeless straps, and these straps are glorious! It's like Absolute straps on a backpack. Nice and cushy, they don't abrade my arms in a tank top, and they make the load SO much lighter (and my lower back and butt have been stuck in spasms for the last week, so trust me that it's noticeable between the edgeless and the bound).

    -- BUT! The straps on the S19 are connected closer together on the body than on the Sy 22. As a result, the straps on the S19 rub my neck right out of the gate because the straps are more plush (vertically thicker). The straps on the Sy22 are set wider apart at the neck (body) and this makes a more comfortable carry on me. Usually backpack straps fit my 5'5" daughter and myself differently, where what she finds comfortable I think is abrasive, and vice-versa (I have straight shoulders, hers a rounded slope). We BOTH like the Sy22 strap placement better

    -- Honestly, the straps alone make the $90 difference for me because they are making this bag WORK for me. I can carry more weight, with less effort, with a spasming back, than my old S19. The redesigned pockets further justify the upgrade for me because I don't put wide things in the bottle pocket -- just water bottles that fit (20oz Hydroflasks, usually)

    The side laptop access
    _ have a 13" MBP touchpanel. Goes in through the side nice and easy, keeps my papers wrangled in the pocket too. ALL WITHOUT EATING INTERIOR CAPACITY!!! I abhore how much space the Cache takes up in my old S19, but I don't like the weight of the laptop all the way at the bottom of the bag cacheless. I hate putting lunch containers in sideways in case they spill, which the cache forces me to do. Not a problem with the Sy 22. And THAT put's this bag over the edge for me. Oddly, it's a wrestle getting my laptop in and out from the inside of the bag (who'd a thunk?). But even stuffed to the gills I could pop the laptop in and out the side as though going through security (was practice packing for a conference as that's almost exclusively all my travel). Is the Sy22 big enough for a conference in winter? Eh, probably not, but I can put a bit of overflow into a PCSB and probably be just fine. Would the Sy30 work better? Probably but it's too long for my torso (looks longingly at her well-torso-sized SA) and I can't stand bags bouncing on my butt.

    I'll be keeping the Green Sy22 and returning the two S19s, and am going to keep the Ursa S22 GE pre-order. I thought about the $90 difference and just keeping the S19 instead as I have a Sy22 coming, but the should straps against my neck made that call for me. I know how annoyed I would get. Yes, they might break in and not annoy me, but I don't really want to take that chance. And the reconfigured side pockets (old news for many, I'm sure) work better for my teaching materials than my existing pre-Cache S19. The main compartment really does NOT eat into that space. The main can be LOADED but you can still easily get into the outside pockets, and that's a big deal for me.

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    This has definitely convinced me. I wish I had the budget to move up to a synik but I'll just have to wait for quite a while.

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    There's another thread that there was a placement mistake made with the straps of the S19 & S25.
    Details here:

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