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    A video showing what you can pack in the Synik 30 and Synik 30 Guide's Edition

    Hi folks!

    I hope you and your family and communities are doing well with everything going on with COVID-19!

    Like I imagine all of you are doing, we've been practicing social distancing. Our son is home from school, and we also have been home more. My company halted all travel at the beginning of March. Funny enough, I came back from a trip with a flu bug the week to that, and the natural question the mind brought up was -- is it COVID-19? It wasn't; it was influenza A, and it has since worked its way out of my system.

    While this has caused a disruption to the regularly scheduled programming, it has also done something else, something positive. We see more families out in the neighborhood, riding bikes or walking or kicking a ball around. I think life can get so busy that we don't make time to slow down and enjoy the small, simple, precious things. This is providing an opportunity to do just that.

    The grocery stores and toilet paper aisles at Target or wherever one may go all were getting wiped out for some time, but many of these stores have also setup hours for seniors and others in a high risk category to shop.

    There are reports that the air quality in China has improved, as have the waters in the canals in Venice, Italy.

    Hopefully, COVID-19 will pass quickly. And hopefully, we can hold onto some of the positive habits that we are developing in this time. Stay well and stay safe!

    Here's a video showing what you can pack in the Synik 30 and Synik 30 Guide's Edition that hopefully provides a bit of distraction.


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    Glad you're home safe and feeling better @maverick !
    I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...

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    Hi @maverick ,

    It was so great to watch yet another of your videos. Stay well.


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