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    Anyone else find the DLBP to be more of a warm-weather bag?

    As the weather warms up this spring/approaching summer, I'm looking forward to using my Daylight backpack more often. I found that due to the thin straps of the DLBP, the bag wasn't very ideal to use when wearing layers or winter coats. The straps sort of slips down on certain winter coat materials, requiring me to pull the straps back up every so often. I don't have this problem, however, when wearing a single layer or regular cotton T-shirts/sweatshirts. Hadn't seen any posts referring to this, so just wondering if any other DLBP owners encounter this problem when wearing winter coats as well? Anyhow, like most of you, I'm self-isolated at home, so I figure I make a video review of the Daylight backpack pointing out this minor issue. You can watch it here.

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    I know what you are talking about - on coats that have a slightly slicker exterior, the webbing straps just slide around on it, but when you're wearing something like a t-shirt that has a little bit more grip to it, they stay put. The other bags have sternum straps that can eliminate the strap slippage, but the DLBP just can't accommodate a sternum strap. I'm currently advocating for putting the Luminary straps on the DLBP - they are far more comfortable and move less, but feel like they are still fairly low profile and smaller than the straps on the larger backpacks. From my lips to @Darcy 's ears...
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    Hi @cinderblock and thanks for the video! I also noticed that the straps of the DLBP slip from some material. However, my experience is that this happens particularly when the bag is empty or packed with very light stuff.
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