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    Thumbs up First Impression & Brief Review: ICON - Luving it as Male Purse & Daddy Bag

    Hello everyone!

    Foremost, I'm glad that I still could access the Forum without any need for credential update or anything like that. For those familiar, it has been a long long while since my last official step into the Forum. There were nothing negative, it is just me who refrain himself from the TBAS. It is much harder, as I have two children now. The elder is 3 years old and the younger one would be coming to his 1 year old in next 2 weeks. They need more of my free time progressively as they aged. Also, my hard earned money. Lol. Oh well... That's life. No hard feeling, either.

    I bought 2 ICONs during the unbelievable price-down of ICON first-design batch. All-Black for myself and another Red, for my sister. However, I only manage to receive it in person about 2 weeks ago and only, have the chance to try using the bag about 6 hours ago, from this Post.

    First Impression & Brief Review: ICON - Luving it as Male Purse & Daddy Bag-icon-all-black-luminary-15-jpg First Impression & Brief Review: ICON - Luving it as Male Purse & Daddy Bag-icon-all-black-luminary-15-side-jpg

    I'm luving my ICON.
    Yup, you read that right. I myself find it surprising too. I mean, when it was released, I thought it was alright. More separate pockets, a zipped compartment and a weird side access for the main compartment, comparing to my usual favorite, the Small Cafe Bag which had a flap opening. I had about 3 or 4 laying around. I find the size just perfect for my personal need, except that I have 2 kids now so I seldom bring along SCB due to its limited capacity.

    First Impression & Brief Review: ICON - Luving it as Male Purse & Daddy Bag-icon-wear-highup-jpg
    Indeed the weird Side Access for the Main Compartment. It is commonly expected to have the access at Top Middle of the Bag, rather than Side Access. Yes, it is terrific decision. It feel such an ease for my hand to reach in and out of the pockets to grab things. I wore the bag high like a messenger bag and tight close to my body. Such access works wonderfully!

    First Impression & Brief Review: ICON - Luving it as Male Purse & Daddy Bag-icon-main-compartment-content-jpg
    The Average size of the bottles in the photo is about 8.5oz (250ml)

    First Impression & Brief Review: ICON - Luving it as Male Purse & Daddy Bag-icon-main-compartment-jpg

    The above photo showed 4 bottles, able to fit into the Main Compartment. Fitting 4 might impact the comfortable level of the bag hug-ness to one's body when wearing up high like I did. I did not fit 4 bottles when I was carrying the Bag. I only fit 2 bottles, one from the most left and one from the most right. It felt really comfortable for me. I wore the bag for 2 hour plus during breakfast, driving and grocery shopping. Never take the bag off and no shoulder pain. I was only carrying the 2 bottles with half-filled water, my phone, my wallet Zipped Organizer Wallet and a handkerchief on the back pocket.

    On another hand, the bag did felt quite thin to me upon my first impression. I guess, I was somehow making reference to my daily quite-packed Maker's Bag, a 1050HT Ballistic Burnt Orange and a Halcyon lining. On the strap, I do not have any issue with it however I have yet to learn how to effectively strapped in the extra strap. At the moment, I just leave the extra strap externally. It doesn't bother me. Maybe I wear the bag up high. But I do find the built-in Strap did not use the slicker, smoother, thicker, seatbelt-like Strap. My ballistic 525 comes with those Strap.

    I traded away my new Red DLBC, with a Luminary 15 (photo). I find Luminary 15 goes very well with ICON especially in my case, as a Daddy or Parents Bag. The ICON kept all those frequently used stuff such as water bottles, handkerchiefs or cleaning, wallets, phone. While less frequently used stuff in the Luminary 15 backpack. Allowing the heavier load on the 2 shoulders.

    That's all. Hope you enjoy my brief share!
    Stay safe!

    - Updated with the Strap's question. Why not use the seatbelt-like Strap?
    Last edited by weirdguy; 07-12-2020 at 02:05 AM.
    Solar/Yellow: A45 Navy, CP Black, SA Black, SCB
    Steel/Grey: UMP Steel 400d, PU Coyote, DLBC, PCSB, TC
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    Mars Red/Red: SENordic, SKCanyon, DLBCCanyon, SCBDawn

    BrainCell Size1 M4800, Cache 13"MBPR E7240

    ~Live Long & Prosper by Vulcan

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    Weirdguy! So nice to see you return. I was not a member back when you were posting but I have read many of your posts doing research on potential purchases and your posts were always super helpful. Welcome back!

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    Another great review, Jeremy. I always enjoy your detailed bag reviews. I think my favorite review you've done is the Canary small cafe bag carrying a watermelon.
    Seeking Solar shop bags and Solar packing cube shoulder bag Spring Also coveting an Iberian Synapse or Copilot

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