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    V4: Beards and Masks

    So I won the drawing for the v4 mask! Couldn't believe my luck.

    I've had a hard time finding good masks because I have a beard on the large size.

    You can see in the photos that this actually works with my beard!

    Part of the issue with most masks is being able to extend the ear loops because my chin is effectively several inches deeper than most people. The other issue is my face has a lot more volume than most because of the beard.

    I realize that people with beards like mine are not who tom Bihn had in mind, but this works for me!

    As for the fabric, when I heard flannel I thought hot. This is not hot compared to any other mask I've worn. I would describe this on the cool end of the spectrum. Also it's very soft. I think the soft stretchy ear loops are my favorite part.

    My daughter is going to inherit the blue one. She's almost 7 and it fits her quite well.

    V4: Beards and Masks-img_8871-jpg

    V4: Beards and Masks-img_8870-jpg

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    That’s awesome @GoVols ! Great Pics and review!
    ...spread joy in your neighbourhood (and not Corona!) Smilie Rainbow Cheers
    current bags: Smart Alec, Guide's Pack, Guide's Edition S25, Luminary 15, Daylight Backpack, Aeronaut 45, Tri-Star, Road Buddy 36, Daylight Briefcase, Small Yeoman Duffel, bits and pieces

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    Congratulations on your win. The mask looks really good on you - looks like a perfect fit.

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