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    V2/V3/V4 Quick Mask Comparison - Seam difference

    Just wanted to do a quick comparison of V2, V3 & V4 in hopes it might help someone make a more informed decision as to which face mask to go with. I know they’ve been reviewed here many times already, so I just broke them down into one simple yet important design difference: where the seams run along the mask. If you’d like a more in depth look, I made a review video of them here.

    All three versions use the simple yet effective ear loop/lanyard adjustment system. Not only that, but I think the decision to use that particular material was a good one, one of the most comfortable to date.
    V2/V3/V4 Quick Mask Comparison - Seam difference-0ebe3dbe-f3a6-4ce4-acd6-95a12424ed92-png
    It’s easy and convenient to quickly adjust your ear loop and the soft material makes it easy to wear for longer periods of time.

    Sizing is everything: I think the first thing to know is that proper sizing for these masks is crucial. My face measured right on the 4.5” size cutoff, so based on their guidelines I ordered a med/lrg for all three versions. While the V2 fit perfectly, I found the med/lrg size in the V3 & V4 to be too big for my face. While ideally we’d like mask sizes to be consistent across the board, truth is, our faces are so varied (thank god) that some people are bound to be unhappy with the mask size they ordered, so YMMV. Having said that however, it’s not a coincidence that the two versions that were too large for me were the ones that share the same design DNA, V3 & V4. This, I believe, is mainly due to the where the seam runs along the mask, which brings me to my first point about...

    V2: The seam runs vertically (along your nose). This allows for a more compact and snug fit on your face.
    V2/V3/V4 Quick Mask Comparison - Seam difference-711630ea-51d2-479a-a4a8-5595b0621f4b-jpeg
    Basically your cheeks would have greater surface contact with the left & right side of the mask material making it feel like it’s hugging your face more. I found that this design clings on to your face better and won’t move around as much when you’re nodding or tilting your head. The trade off here being that you wouldn’t get as much speaking/breathing room in front of your mouth. I think V2 is best suited for people that prefer a snug and compact look and feel to their masks yet don’t mind the lack of space in front of their mouths.

    V3: Of all the versions, V3 is the one that has a more pronounced “snout” look to them. Due in part to the fabric fold of the nose bridge (which gives it a “pointy tip” profile view) and the horizontal seam that runs along your chin (or mouth).
    V2/V3/V4 Quick Mask Comparison - Seam difference-1b7f1b52-cf1c-4a09-8afc-ec8f7ee8b619-png
    The horizontal direction of the seam is a big factor, it think, as to why you get ample speaking and breathing room with this version compared to the V2. The polyester/cotton blend gives it an extra layer of protection, but of course at the expense of weight. I think V3 is best suited for those with wider faces and beards and want the convenience of having extra mouth room but don’t mind the “Homer Simpson” snout look.

    V4: The softest “feel” of all the versions, of course due to the comforting properties of fleece. Feels like your face is being delicately blanketed. Similar to the V3, the V4 also incorporates the horizontal seam that runs along your chin (or mouth) which also affords you that little extra space in front of your mouth. Note that there is a small fold-over of fabric on both sides between the nose bridge and ear loops.
    V2/V3/V4 Quick Mask Comparison - Seam difference-fb7b0a59-e903-4c2d-bb1e-daa2415e7939-png
    I first thought that this would cause an issue in terms of feeling the fold on my face, but this was negligible. This version also gave a slight “snout” look, though not as pronounced as V3. Depending on the weather, the fleece could be a good or bad thing because your face can get quite hot in there. I think V4 is best suited for cooler climates and those that appreciate extra space to talk/sing/breathe.

    It’s impossible to definitively recommend one version over the other. Masks can be quite personal and people will have different preferences as to what is comfortable to use to cover up their face. But as long as you get the appropriate size for yourself, any of these versions will work well. FWIW, I tend to reach for the V2 more often :)

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    I found v3 m/l and v4 m/l to be a better fit for me, even though I am also at the 4.5" cutoff. May have something to do with a slight beard and the length and shape of my nose (rounded off). I like the fit of the v4 better than the v3, and I also like the folds. They seem to cause the mask to hug the area near the nose better, and help prevent glasses from fogging. Super comfy flannel, but would not want to do anything too strenuous while wearing it (due to thickness of the 2-ply material; not really that much different from the 3-ply poly v3).

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