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    Medium Cafe Bag (Cocoa/Olive)

    Hi everyone. I'm new here.

    I bought my Medium Cafe Bag late last year and have loved it. I just ordered a Small Cafe Bag (should arrive Thursday!) with a few pouches. I bought the wallet last year and have loved that as well!

    I have flown twice with my bag and have been amazed at how much it holds. I flew with my daughter (around 18 months old during both trips) and was able to carry her in my Ergo backpack carrier and the only other thing I had to carry was my cafe bag. It held all the stuff I needed for the flight.

    It was so nice to have easy access to my wallet and keys when the bag was packed so tight. I thought it was kind of funny for me to be walking so casually on to the airplane with a baby in tow while others struggled with their massive carry ons. Perhaps it is partly about lifestyle choices, but I have no doubt that my Tom Bihn bag made a huge difference.

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    Hi Joyce: wonderful picture....and yes: the Medium Cafe bags is one of my favorites. It always seems to swallow up more than you think it would, and looks no more than the average sized handbag --sleeker even! It is my favorite bag for conferences--where I clip everything I need and find it easy to browse everywhere. I have become so used to clipping everything now, it has become a problem for me to carry a bag without clipping--feel unsafe and unprotected!!!!

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