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    Test packing my Hero's Journey for a 4 day beach trip with the kids. I swear, I could not feasibly do trips like this by myself with a 3 and 6 yo without this bag! My stuff is in the NFTD cubes, their stuff is in the Eagle Creek Specter cubes, there's a 3DOC for chargers, a Deluxe Spiff Kit, and a PCSB with swimming stuff for all of us. Scrubba wash bag in the lid pocket with an IKEA zip top bag.

    Top bag is empty but will, I hope, hold my Parental Unit so I can one bag it at least to the train. It does fit if the PU isn't stuffed.

    The water shoe pocket

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    Out at Superstition Mountain this past weekend. Great trip with the family. We also went to Canyon Lake and Gold Field Ghost Town/Mine

    Your Photos Are Needed-54433850_2371339276259444_1778558593067384832_o-2-jpg

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