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    Aeronaut & Side Effect with baby in Mexico

    I've been meaning to post this for a while for those of us who are on the shorter side who think the Aeronaut is too big. I am 5'3". The Aeronaut and the baby weighed 20 lbs each. The Aeronaut carried everything for me and the baby, including diapers for a week, feeding supplies, and even a life vest! I walked a very long way through the airport (on both ends of the trip) with this setup and it was fine.

    That is a black Side Effect under the baby with our passports and my wallet.
    Attached Images Attached Images Aeronaut & Side Effect with baby in Mexico-img_0509-jpg 

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    What a cute baby! And thanks for sharing. I'm just a smidge shorter than you and I have an Aeronaut on the way. It sounds like I shouldn't have any problems carrying it.
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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    Thanks for sharing! I'm the same height as you, so that's really helpful. Your baby is gorgeous!

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    Great photo of Aeronaut and the little one. My wife is only 5" but will be using her Aeronaut again on our
    upcoming trip to the Philippines in the backpack mode also. For some reason the Aeronaut looks big but never feels big even on a smaller person.

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    What a great photo, readmore! I did this EXACT same thing: Navy Aeronaut on the back, adorable baby on the front to Mexico - this past summer. It worked like a dream. I used a Packing Cube Shoulder Bag instead of the Side Effect and I slipped it in one of the Aeronaut's end pockets when schlepping around. I put passports, wallet, and diapers, wipes, baby food in the PCSB. I slid it out to put at my feet during the flight and used it as a "diaper bag" once we were at our location. Highly recommend it!

    Interesting side note regarding the size of the Aeronaut: So my sister was visiting over Easter and I was showing her our TB loot so that she could see fabrics, styles, etc in person so as to help her pick out her TB bday present/college grad gift. She ended up picking out a Plum/wasabi LCB. But, in the course of our bag discussions, she asked to see the travel bag that I had flown with to Mexico. So I pulled out my Navy Aeronaut. She looked at it and said, "No, the bigger bag. The one that you packed everything in." I laughed and told her this was it. "Really?! Are you sure?" She was astounded! I think the Aeronaut is magic :)

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    i love, love, love this picture!

    i would love to see tom bihn make a baby carrier! what do you think?


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