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    TB zipper pulls not just for TB bags

    TB zipper pulls not just for TB bags-image-jpg

    I have swapped out the tiny jingly zipper pulls that came on my Lowepro camera case for the TB cord zipper pulls, it is now much easier to open and almost silent, handy for wildlife photography!

    TB zipper pulls not just for TB bags-image-jpg

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    @Miking, AWESOME shot. Those eyes are absolutely fantastic!
    "Inside everyone is a great shout of joy waiting to be born."
    -- David Whyte

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    Wish we could do multiple Likes! We have barred owls who visit our property each night hunting rabbits. They often wake us up with their hooting. And, of course, Hedwig is a personal favorite in our home.
    The stockpile keeps growing...I'm in serious trouble.

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