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    Couple of pics from Venice and Amsterdam

    Couple of pics from Venice and Amsterdam-img_4741-jpg

    With my beautiful wife (she has no taste in men...her only apparent fault)

    Couple of pics from Venice and Amsterdam-img_4739-jpg

    With my beautiful daughter (who luckily looks like her beautiful mother!)

    These two shots are on the bridge at the Accademia in Venice, and I have to say that the Aeronaut saved my life this day. I cannot quite convert my wife and daughter to wheelless suitcases and we got dropped at the Zattere stop when we were informed that this shuttle does not go to Per San Marco on this trip. Sigh.

    This meant a long walk with all of our luggage to get to the luggage storage place for the day before flying out that night. With the Aeronaut on my back I was able to cart their suitcases across the stairs across all the canals. I simply would not have been able to do it if I had my own wheeled bag. I did make my daughter carry her own pillow!

    Couple of pics from Venice and Amsterdam-img_4550-jpg

    Couple of pics from Venice and Amsterdam-img_4519-jpg

    The Pilot was a BRILLIANT day bag in Amsterdam. It carried plenty, was comfy and never got a second glance even at the museums that don't allow bags and packs inside. If only I could convert my daughter off of her beloved (and currently trendy) Kavu bag.

    My ONLY complaint about the Pilot on this trip is that I wish there was an option for a quick adjust strap. I like to snug it up tight behind when I am using it messenger style and that is kind of a pain with the adjustment mechanism on the standard strap.

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    Thanks for sharing such great pictures! I one-bagged it in Venice, too, with a Synapse 25 in my pre-Aeronaut days. I also can't imagine a wheelie bag crossing all those bridges…
    I miss Venice so much. Looks like you had great weather there.

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    So sweet to see these pictures. What a good man you are to be hauling your family's stuff.

    ...ah, the memories. Venice was the very first city I ever visited outside the U.S. (except for those in Canada and Mexico). I knew from nothing about packing. I had a largish roll-aboard from COSTCO which weighed probably close to 10#, I swear, and would never pass muster for a carry on. AND a large duffel which I threaded over the handle but would not stay in place, but kept twisting around and dragging on the ground. Good thing it was not aqua alta! It was exhausting. Live and learn, trip by trip. We had a rule that each of us had to be responsible for schlepping our own luggage. After that trip, there was unprecedented interest in our family in learning to pack smaller and lighter and smarter. Thanks for sharing your photos and your trip narrative. Venice is such a special place.
    The stockpile keeps growing...I'm in serious trouble.

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