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    Clear Organizer Pouch - Mini Impressions

    Howdy y'all, here are my first impressions of the Clear Organizer Pouch - Mini and Handle Loop w/ O-Ring. (Please pardon the huge photo sizes at the end. I haven't found a way to make'em small when uploading.)

    I posted a fuller review on my blog. So below I'll just share highlights:

    - The Burnt Orange color is great, albeit darker/more "burnt" in person than online.
    - The zipper pull is not too "clangy" since it's not metal.
    - The zipper has, to me, the "just-right" amount of pull-force to open/close.
    - The seams/stitching are excellent, stiff, and feel like they'll last decades. No loose ends, no fraying visible.
    - The 1050d HT ballistic nylon fabric is nice and tough without feeling rough. It has a sheen to it under light.
    - The inside water repellent coating is obvious but doesn't detract from the aesthetic.
    - The urethane-based clear window is totally transparent. No milky spots.
    - The snaphook works much more easily than I expected. The snapping sound is gentle/muted.
    - The Handle Loop feels good, not too thick or too wide. The slider that tightens the loop won't fall off but feels like enough force could remove it.
    - Overall: great balance of form and function.

    I've tried some small objects in it (even hot sauce condiment packages!) but am currently using it as my minimalist wallet. I loop the handle through itself around my belt loop to tether it and drop it into my front pocket. I plan to try it also in a small EDC bag I am borrowing. Eventually, I hope to plop it into a Small Cafe Bag.

    Clear Organizer Pouch - Mini Impressions-img_1641-jpg
    Clear Organizer Pouch - Mini Impressions-img_1675-jpg
    Clear Organizer Pouch - Mini Impressions-img_1668-jpeg
    Clear Organizer Pouch - Mini Impressions-img_1655-jpg
    Clear Organizer Pouch - Mini Impressions-img_1652-jpeg
    Clear Organizer Pouch - Mini Impressions-img_1719-jpeg
    Clear Organizer Pouch - Mini Impressions-img_1644-jpg
    Clear Organizer Pouch - Mini Impressions-img_1687-jpg
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    Love that burnt orange 1050 fabric 🧡

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    Clear Organizer Pouch - Mini Impressions-img_2117-jpeg
    I posted this in another thread back in 2016, but I'm a big fan of the handle loop. I've used it with my Azure DOP as a minimalist purse by itself and it's just an easy way to grab the DOP for use or to transfer it to another bag. I'm carrying a HLT #1 these days as a single car bag since I'm doing curbside pick ups and not really carrying a purse. The HLT is small enough to pop in which ever bag I use for work, usually an Imago, Icon, or some size of Cafe Bag.

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