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    Companion to my A45

    I've got a solid collection of Tom Bihn bags (ever growing...), and my A45 fits my needs for a weekend away. I've found, though, that for more than about three days away, the A45 doesn't quite fit all my stuff. Tt appears as if my main problem is that I'm not a light packer. If I'm gone for more than two or three days, I find that between a few pairs of pants, sports coats, shirts, probably a second set of shoes, and my toiletries (yes, I fall somewhere between a dapper dresser and a foppish dandy), my A45 is packed too full.

    I'm thinking that I need to grab a second bag. Something I can throw a separate set of shoes in, maybe my non-clothes things (my laptop, my reading material, toss my Maker's Bag in to pull out for my EDC stuff when I get where I'm going, etc). Maybe toss my gym clothes in as well if I'm going to be away for an extended stay. I should note that I rarely fly - so this is more about two bags for the trunk of a car. I'm leaning towards the Night Flight for this. Is this a good companion piece? Thoughts?
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    If you're intending to put the laptop plus magazines into your second bag, the NFTD is a no-go. None of the compartments will accommodate either. Or a Maker's Bag in ballistic, unless you folded it into quarters and squished it into the main compartment (leaving little space for other stuff at that point!).

    That said, it's a super travel bag that does well with smaller items. I just got back from a 3 day trip with the NFTD and S19 and loved how spacious it is, once I took into consideration the restrictions on the size and shape of the objects that it can hold.

    If you really want a NFTD, I'd suggest checking out the product page and watching the video to get a feel of what the bag can accommodate. It'll give you a pretty good idea of what the bag can and can't do. Like the PU, it is extremely well-designed, but not for everyone in terms of what it can hold.
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    If this is a bag that you are going to use just for car trunk to throw in the overflow from what won't fit in the other bag, consider the Moveable Feast. Sounds odd, but this is how I use mine--the catchall in the car. It carries library books when we forget our book bags, it carries hats, scarves, boots when we think we might need them at destination, it carries the stuff I would have loose in my hands in and out of the house from the car and back again when traipsing around with two kids and all their stuff. It also sits open (upright on it's own!!) most days on the floor up front with me, or on the seat between kid carseats for whatever they need to reach or stick somewhere. It is my new fav catch all, and it is easy to reach into and grab stuff. I think it would fit a 13 inch laptop (surely you would need that machine to have some sort of padded case). I have even used it for groceries...once. If you are going to take it on a plane, then the lack of closure would not work, but it could be a gym bag at destination, it could hold snacks for easy reach in the car, and could carry your extra overflow stuff very nicely.

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