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    Maker's Bag - weight of ballistic vs. halcyon

    Those of you with ballistic and nylon versions of the Maker's Bag, can you feel a weight difference when you carry it? I've ready elsewhere on the forum that there's a difference with larger bags like the A30/45. Is the MB too small to matter?

    While I'm patiently waiting for MBs to be restocked I'm debating which fabric to choose. I've always been a black bag kind of girl. The less I stand out the better. So the old dyneema/original halcyon never appealed to me. Now the new black halcyon is intriguing. I'll be using this (my first TB bag!) as an everyday purse and for traveling. While I'm in my hometown I like to keep things as light and comfortable as possible. But particularly when traveling and walking around a new city for 10+ hours a day and using public transport I want to help my aching shoulder and back as much as possible.

    For the past 6 years I've worn a Manhattan Portage shoulder bag. I just weighed it and it came out to be 19.7 oz. So even if I get the ballistic I'll still be easing my load!

    Thank you for any insights you may have :)

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    First off - just to confirm - I am assuming you are asking about the weight difference between the Ballistic Nylon version and Halycon version of the Maker's Bag.

    If so, IMHO, the weight difference - 80 grams / 2.8 oz should not make much of a difference. Generally, that is the weight of a smallish apple or 2 Larabars or 2 KitKat (4 wafer bars) or 1 extra large egg, a bit less than half the weight of an iPhone 6 Plus, etc. I would say how you carry it and if you use the waist belt would have more of a difference in how comfortable it is for you.

    I agree that the weight difference between Halycon and Ballistic Nylon is more pronounced in the A30/A45 - the excellent posts from @bchaplin indicate that for her, the weight difference was not necessarily as noticeable. However, YMMV as each person is different and IMHO, it is more about total weight being a lot to begin where just a little weight reduction will put it under an individual's maximum comfortable carry limit.

    To me, the biggest difference is in the stiffness of the bags. The Ballistic Nylon one generally will keep its shape if empty while the Halycon one will flop a bit if not full and not packed well. If you are ok with managing the shape of your bag when packing it, the Halycon one is great. Also, it intrinsically feels lighter because it can collapse. From a look perspective, the Halycon feels smoother but the Ballistic Nylon has a really nice sheen that is not too shiny but very subtle. Also, the Ballistic Nylon blends in more with the bags of others if that is your concern. IMHO, even the Black Halycon does not blend as well as the ballistic - simply because there are squares which catch the eye.

    As for the comfort of the Maker's bag, the Halycon will mold to your body more. With both versions, the waist strap will help support the bag on those longer commutes - used as a waiststrap or a stabilizer strap.

    Now, I like Ballistic Nylon better personally because I like bags that keep their form, stand up on their own, etc. However, having a Original Halycon Maker's Bag myself and a Coyote Ballistic Nylon version, I find that the design allows the Halycon version to generally keep its form well (piping) except for the flap sometimes so I like it slightly better. The new Black Halycon version would make it blend enough, IMHO.

    One additional thing that I just "think" - because the Halycon fabric lines (the original white or new grey lines) are actually stronger than steel, having 2 layers of them may make your bag more theft / slash proof than just the 1 interior layer in the Ballistic Nylon version. I have no real evidence to that effect but it is what I think.

    Hope this helps
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