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    Hi All,

    I added some information about using the new A5 Dot-Dash Notebook 3-packs to the extended FJN options in this post in the Benefits of the Field Journal over Midori? (I find these a convenient, slim size to carry in the Side Kick, but also with the possibility of permanently saving notes and integrating them into the FJN).

    I also discussed using Levenger Precious Metals Notebook Belts in the Junior size to retain these notebooks. For example, here's a Canson sketchpad held in place with these notebook bands, with a slim format A5 Dot-Dash Notebook at the left.



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    Hacking the FJN for Levenger Circa, etc.

    I know I am several months if not years late with this, but I just grabbed a couple of second hand FJNs and I also use disc-bound notebooks like Circa (Atoma and Clare Fontaine brands) which is why I never got a FJN when they were new.

    My solution to make a suitable disc-bound insert was to cut down an A4 sized plastic cover, matching the scalloped edges of the binder insert. The cut-down A4 is larger than the A5+ size I use for the notebooks, which lends greater stability as the notebook base is larger than the paper. (Note: A4 is slightly narrower and taller than US Letter but Letter would work just as well for this)

    Here are some pics.

    After pulling the binder out:

    With my cut-down base sitting on the FJN ready to be slotted in:

    The base is inserted and my paper is centered so that it doesn't interfere with the FJN edges when I close it:

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