I was wondering if someone in Albuquerque or Santa Fe had a Synapse 19 that I could see and try on IRL. I hate ordering and returning things!

I'm considering the purchase of a Synapse 19 after trying a number of other backpacks. So far, I've had issues with the comfort or straps digging into my shoulders. I have very narrow shoulders with back and neck issues, so comfort is paramount. I'm considering the bag as my in cabin flight bag for trips that aren't appropriate for my rolling carry on. I"m trying to be judicious about what I carry, and I'm hoping to keep it under 10 pounds, but I will have either a laptop or tablet and ereader, a 311 bag, a few clothes and my medicines. Ideally, I'd also like to pack my Baggalini Everyday Crossbody in it as well. I think all of that would fit in the Synapse 19 based on the videos I've seen.

I'd appreciate any help the Forum members could provide. Thanks!