I've been looking into the Parental Unit as a possible EDC bag for when I don't need all the capacity of a Synapse 25 but the Co-Pilot isn't enough. My Mystery Ranch Booty Bag, much as love it, just isn't the answer as a daily driver b/c of it's lack of built in organization for how & what I carry. The Makers Bag seemed a good candidate for all of its organizing power but a bag that size with no outside pockets and the single flap opening to get at anything inside won't work for me. So I ended up on the PU but I'm stuck on the fence.

I think the front and back 3 section pockets can handle most or all of my small stuff. I have plenty of pouches that get swapped from bag to bag and the PU looks well suited for this to let me set them up for convenient access based on the needs of the day. My real concern is the main center pocket.

How long is the zipper for the main pocket and what's the footprint size of the bottom of that space? What I fear is that zipper opening is big enough to fit larger items in but that I'd then find the bag running out of room as I near the bottom. Like it seems you could perhaps squeeze a gallon of milk in at the top but it wouldn't be able to sit fully at the bottom of the bag. Is it the case where something rectangular and not too thick, like a packing cube, is going to make best use of the main pocket's space?

Usually the largest single thing I'm carrying is a soft sided lunch box at 9.5" x 7" X 3.5" (rather packing cube-esque now that I think about it) but I would like to be able to get a rolled up rain shell or sweatshirt in the main pocket too when needed along with a perhaps a paperback or an iPad.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

PS - There's a lack of legit video reviews on this bag. Part of me wants to get it just to do one. Wink