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I think it was a Ravelry post or maybe moriond who recommended using a medium double organizer pouch in the exterior pocket of the PCSB as a stiffener as it can sag otherwise. Provides some extra organizational capability too.
This works fantastically, by the way. Even if the organizer pouch is made with Dyneema/Halcyon. I use it to keep receipts and boarding passes, as well as postcards. It's just fantastic.

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@Walker, I bought a 1-inch strap based on @Lani's recommendation in this thread: https://forums.tombihn.com/general-b...der-strap.html

It works great with the Side Effect and the PCSB. When I am carrying a heavier load in the PCSB, I use the OP/Tech Mini SOS strap. It's a smaller version of the Absolute Strap and is amazing.
I only use the 1-inch strap for the Side Effect (I find it too narrow for the PCSB, for which I just use the simple shoulder strap; I just cut off the rubber padding, which I never need--and since it also makes the bag look clunkier and less purse-like).

I'm going to give you another option: Rather than the SE and PCSB, you could also consider a combination of 3D Organizer Cube and Packing Cube Shoulder Bag. For one thing, the 3D Organizer Cube is considerably cheaper than the Side Effect. And if you're JUST looking for a very small purselet to keep things like your wallet and passport while you travel through the airport, the 3D Organizer Cube works great. When you're ready, you can stash it inside your Packing Cube Shoulder Bag. You can even clip it to the ring inside the PCSB to reduce the risks of loss.

I personally LOVE the sagginess of Halcyon. I don't need a lot of stiffness because I keep everything in organizer pouches (both flat, and 3D versions) inside my PCSB. With the 3D Organizer Pouch, it just becomes one more module in my PCSB system, and for me, it works great.