So, for casual carry of an iPhone 6+ or 7+ around the house, how about the aLOKSAK with lanyard? @malamalama, I was just in Long's Drug Store earlier today, and saw these in the Photo department. (For background, this is Hawaii, and a lot of people are going to carry their phones down to the beach, or other location like pool-side by their hotel, where said phone might get splashed, and where you might not be wearing a lot of of extraneous garments along with your swimsuit.)

I wouldn't use this for travel, but if I wanted to carry a large iPhone around the house, while I did housework (including dishes, clothes washing, cleaning in the bathroom), this actually seems fine. There's easy access to the screen, while protection from water splashes. (I don't have a large size iPhone myself, but I might use this if I were using this at home for music/audiobook listening, and wanted easy access to my phone, as well.) There's an interesting commentary on Wirecutter about this under the "Cheaper Solutions" heading -- listing this as a solution that Dan Frakes.

Just in case someone might be interested.