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    3D Clear Organizer Cube (material advice needed!)

    Hello guys,

    I'm looking at the Azure (cordura) being such a new and cool color, but also I am tempted to order in Halcyon material, because I am using it as a wet toiletries bag, and wish to easily wash out any spills etc in case it happens.

    So my question... Halcyon fairs well in the washing dept I think, but how does Cordura hold up (in the washing dept)?

    Because of the price I can only (possibly) get one... please help me decide!!

    Thank you Smilie

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    I ordered a cordura version and sent it back and got the halcyon version instead. I feel like the small TB bags work better in the halcyon fabric. The ballistic and cordura just feel too thick and stiff for the smaller bags. I had the same feeling with the Side Effect, too.

    I realize that doesn't answer the question about washability, but I would guess that TB wouldn't make a 3-1-1 bag out of cordura if it didn't hold up to getting wet. I love the halcyon as it handles wetness very well. Keeps liquid in or out as necessary, and washes out nicely and dries quickly.

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    I've washed my cordura cafe bags and they came out great, but I agree with @BWeaves that dyneema would probably be quicker to dry. It also slides into bags easier than cordura.

    But if you have your heart set on Azure, go for it! Cordura can soak for several minutes and air dry, and I'm sure a small bag like that would dry overnight.
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