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Probably the only mistakes I made were clear pouches. The Large one is considerably larger than I expected. It won't fit in the DLBC and even takes a lot of space in the Tristar.
For what it's worth, I initially thought my large clear pouch (the flat one with two zippered pockets, one clear and one more behind that one) did not fit in my DLBC and I was also a bit disappointed by that, but I tried again the other day just to confirm, and I actually got it to fit with a minimum of squishing (albeit not none). I had a 6z cache in there (13-14" laptop) and only a couple of smaller things, and it definitely felt fullish, but I was able to avoid taking the folders and stuff out of the Large which made me happy. I can repack it and post a picture. (Frankly - the cache+laptop and most-everything-else in the large pouch make it worth whatever minor poking and prodding I need to do to fit them, in exchange for being able to quickly switch between the Pilot and DLBC based on nothing more than my mood on that particular day Looking for small lightweight companion bag for Tristar)

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