So in my quest for a lightweight basic backpack to handle the daily essentials and maybe a bit more I have come around to the A30 PCBP as a real option. I didn't give it much of a look when it first came out but now I see the potential to be the bag I'm after. One thing though - no onboard organization for small items. After so much time with bags like the Co-Pilot, Synapse and ID I know it is very hard for me to go without that feature but it can be solved with a Freudian slip.

Since the lower section is meant to act as a large packing cube for the A30 its dimensions should be 12x12x4. That would nominate the Cafe Bag slips as candidates to organize and provide some structural rigidity in that compartment. The large Cafe slip is 12x12 and could be a very close fit, maybe too close. The medium Cafe slip is 11x10 so it should fit with space all around.

Has anyone tried this setup or by chance have an A30 PCSB with one of those slips that they could photograph together?