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    Wink An older SuperEgo and accessories

    I just picked up a SuperEgo in my second preferred color scheme (black-steel-wasabi, woulda been great if black-black-wasabi), but it's missing the waist strap.

    My Ego is newer, and it has a Gatekeeper waist strap. This Super Ego has integrated buckles on the back for the strap. Where can I get one?

    Also, I'd really like to swap the shoulder strap it has for an Absolute, but the bag is old enough that it uses the 2" strap vs the 1.5 my Ego uses. Was there ever a 2" Absolute Shoulder Strap? I suppose I could do one of the snaphook conversions, but those never look right to me, and there's a reason I'm sure the SuperEgo has the wider strap. Smilie

    An older SuperEgo and accessories-img_7150-jpgAn older SuperEgo and accessories-img_7151-jpgAn older SuperEgo and accessories-img_7152-jpgAn older SuperEgo and accessories-img_7153-jpg

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    Some potential solutions for the waist strap.

    1) Buy a nylon webbing strap with an SRB like this - . Make sure it's longer than you need. Cut it in half, melt the ends with a lighter, and install on either side.

    2) Remove those buckles (a hacksaw blade does nicely as long as you're careful not to catch the webbing or the bag) and then you have the loops with which to use a strap that has Gatekeepers, assuming the width is a match.

    3) Scavenge webbing and buckles from somewhere else and make your own strap.

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