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    Hi All,

    This is a quick post of some pictures of the Dot-Dash notebooks mentioned in my previous post. First, I mentioned that I liked carrying this in the SideKick as an alternative to thicker A5 journals.

    Here's a comparison picture that shows the new Nock A5 Dot-Dash Notebook with a Midori 2 month diary grid refill (suggested by @Badger when I commented that I find myself using the slim Hobonichi Weeks memo books, and didn't want to carry something as thick as a Traveler's Notebook). Both these notebooks are laid on top of a Black Halcyon/Island Sidekick, for ease of showing that they easily fit into a SideKick. To the right of the SideKick, I show an edge view of a 3-pack of the Nock A5 Dot-Dash Notebooks compared to the thicker (about 0.75") bound Leuchturm1917 A5 journal. If I want to add page from the Nock A5 Dot-Dash Notebook, I can excise a sheet (they use 60# fountain pen friendly paper, so it is sturdy), and add it to the Field Journal Notebook. I have a large hole punch that can punch through many sheets of U.S. letter size paper, but for adding individual sheets, it's convenient to use a Staples Mini 3-hole punch (Manufacturer's Part #21419-CC). (Note that elsewhere in the forums there are links given to the actual Staples online store product page, if you live somewhere where you can routinely use Staples for Office Supplies).

    Benefits of the Field Journal over Midori?-img_3257-jpg

    Here's a view of the Staples Mini 3-hole punch with a folded U.S. letter sheet loaded, next to a Nock A5 Dot-Dash Notebook overlying one of the plastic 3-hole FJN dividers, and with the Midori Traveler's Notebook (Refill 005) [2 Month Diary grid] on the right. The outline of the black plastic 3-hole FJN divider, is just slightly narrower and taller than the A5 Dot-Dash Notebook

    Benefits of the Field Journal over Midori?-img_3264-jpg

    Picture of the Nock A5 Dot-Dash Notebook to the right of the black plastic FJN 3-hole divider, punched folded U.S. letter paper from the previous, and the Midori refill notebook. (This is just meant to show that the Staples punch is small and convenient for additions of a few pages).

    Benefits of the Field Journal over Midori?-img_3259-jpg

    This is a reference to the configurability of the Field Journal Notebook, assuming that you've also looked through the pictures in the Hacking the FJN for Levenger Circa, etc. thread that show details of how I've pulled out the plastic inserts for the front and back cover supports, and for the 3-ring binder insert. Instead of the Rivet Band Laccio elastic, I'm using the Levenger Precious Metals Notebook Belts (set of 2, ITEM: ADS9075) in the junior size. This gives 1 thin and 1 thicker, flat elastic band for inserting notebooks (Moleskine, Leuchturm1917, Circa Junior, etc.) with the option of insert a pen, pencil or eyeglass frame end into the loop of the wider band. In the picture, I show a Canson sketchpad to the left. Canson also makes good watercolor pads in this form factor in their Montval series.

    Benefits of the Field Journal over Midori?-img_3261-jpg

    Slip the back cardboard cover of the Canson sketch pad (or Moleskine, Leuchturm1917, or Circa Junior Notebook) under the two Notebook belts. Note that with the rings at the left side of the Canson sketch pad, it is too wide to fit into the ring-binder portion of the FJN unless I remove the individual pages (which are perforated), and punch holes into the pages to carry them in the binder. This offers another way to configure the FJN for artwork.

    Benefits of the Field Journal over Midori?-img_3262-jpg

    Then slip the wider belt over the cover of your notebook. I show the Nock A5 Dot-Dash Notebook overlying the left side of the open FJN. I'm reasonably sure that you could make these Nock A5 Dot-Dash Notebooks into a Midori Traveler's Notebook type system, with this more standard size paper.

    Benefits of the Field Journal over Midori?-img_3265-jpg



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    A top wired A5 sketchpad from Canson also fit in the FJN.

    Folded and punched letter or A4 size paper (copy or from a notepad) fits very well.
    Paper from a notepad is great for specialty paper and to keep paper free if wrinkle and easy to move around, it also enables the purchase of notepads on sale.

    The fact that I can outline, highlight or make lists on a word processing app then print it, and punch it to fit in the FJN, is wonderful.

    Recently, was my first move with the FJN used as an on the go tool from the beginning, it was the smoothest of many moves I did, since I first used a TB Bag.

    My first TB Bag was bought for the purpose of easing a logistically complex move, and it and all my other TB Bags have been lifesavers on all my moves. I especially recommend the Yeoman Duffles.
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