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    Considering the updated Parental Unit as an EDC

    Hi folks,

    I am considering the updated Parental Unit for use as an EDC in the following situations:

    Going to work with:
    * 12" MacBook in a Horizontal Cache
    * 9.7" iPad Pro in a Horizontal Cache (not always, but sometimes)
    * First Aid Kit (with adapters and cables inside)
    * pen
    * sketchbook
    * letter size notebook

    * 20 oz water bottle
    * wallet
    * keys
    * an iPhone 7 and Google Pixel phone
    * lip balm
    * gum
    * earphones in a mini padded organizer pouch
    * a couple of Kind bars

    I would also carry the items listed after the separation with me for a morning and/or evening walk.

    Let me know if you think this would be a good fit!


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    If you lay the MacBook, iPad, and notebook on top of each other what is the total thickness of the stack?

    The PU is a great bag for organization but given that its core design was for baby items (small, soft, multiple) the bigger adult items we EDC can sometimes pose a challenge. I think your list would be okay for the PU since you don't have a single item that's especially thick or blocky and they extended the length of the top zipper. The second list of items should all easily fit in the side pockets. The water bottle might need to go inside depending on how its shape meshes with everything else.

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