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    Minimalist Tenkara Fisher: Daylite Backpack

    Hey guys!

    First post.

    I am a tenkara fisherman that lives in the big city of Phoenix. I am a father, husband and I work every day at a busy workplace. I use a Patagonia Monk bag which I like, but it's more like a purse. I want to switch to a backpack for utility rather than the monk bag.

    I travel and I pack my monk bag accordingly but I carry it everyday. I occasionally use a sun umbrella (I have fair skin and am middle aged) and floppy hat, extra sun glasses, pens and business cards, a headlight, little medicine bag, a repurposed bottle for water or spirits and electronics cords, a dictaphone (I am also a writer) and some other knick knacks.

    I say that I am a minimalist and I am. I do international travel with my fishing stuff using two backpacks.

    Anyway, I'm looking at the Synapse, Daylite and Luminary. I really like the Daylite as I will be using it 90% of the time for everyday carry. I'm always trimming down what I carry and the Daylite is simple and looks like it is best for what I want.

    ANY Daylite users, please chime in.

    Questions: 1. Good organizational Tom Bihn bags for the Daylite? Suggestions? 2. I like the green that I've seen but there is no option to purchase. How do I get a green one? 3. I like dyneema fabric however, the Cordura looks like it will hold it's shape much better. Anyone have experience with both? Comments?

    Thank you in advance, reads like a great group. This will be my first Tom Bihn bag.

    Any comments and or links to further reading is greatly appreciated.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Hangwind View Post
    3. I like dyneema fabric however, the Cordura looks like it will hold it's shape much better. Anyone have experience with both? Comments?
    I have a grey Cordura DLBP and an original black dyneema one. I find that I use the dyneema one much more. It's only marginally lighter, but it packs down much better. That makes it easier to stuff (empty) into my Aeronaut 30 for use at my destination. It also doesn't cause the abrasion to clothing that Cordura can. Not everyone has the same trouble with this--I think it depends on how you pack it and how long you wear it for--but it's widespread enough of a comment to give it some thought. You are, however, correct that the Cordura is stiffer and makes the bag hold its shape better.

    Re: organization, I am sure someone else will weigh in on using a Freudian Slip, but I don't have one. I do typically use various pouches clipped into the bag's o-rings, as well as key straps and some other smaller pouches that are tucked into the elastic pockets or just put in loose.
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    Hello, @Hangwind.

    I have a few things I really like keeping in my DLBP:
    1. The pen/pencil insert for the Field Journal for holding writing instruments and cards.
    2. A 3DOC for holding cables/battery pack
    3. Organizer pouches for miscellaneous flat things.
    4. Travel Stuff Sacks or packing cubes, as needed.

    What i find most important with the DLBP is to make sure you balance your load. The singled pockets really help with that. I always like to have flat-ish and/or soft things against my back and things like a water bottle/umbrella stand up on each side of the pack.

    As far as wanting the olive color, it is currently out of stock and not listed in production so it's hard to say when it will be back. You could give CS a call just to see if they have one on the floor in the store.

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