Hello all...
My first post and as yet, not a single piece of Mr. Bihn to my name.
My joining will change that of course and it's a pleasure to see such an enthusiastic bunch! Thanks for some very interesting and informative reading.
So....here it is. I'm in love with the Founders Briefcase. I love the retro styling on top of the near perfect organization, all be it a little larger than i'd like...I'm still a sucker for that bold aesthetic.
My one concern is that the external pockets appear to be as they were when first produced, even though that quick stash criteria has long since changed. Can anyone help me? I need to know if my iPhone 6 plus will fit in the outside pocket.
I'd like to say it's not a deal breaker but, coming from a bran that offers me the ability to stash externally and very quickly, I just know I'll struggle, no matter how much I love my new friend.

Thanks in advance gang!