Anyone have a Guide’s Pack they could pack for me? I just received a S25 and while I love the looks of the GE25, it feels too small and the organization isn’t something I’m comfortable with. I’m coming from a Brain Bag, but I want something with a frame.

I’d pack a fleece, windbreaker, 32oz HydroFlask, a large Yeoman packing cube, PCSB, and then various knick knacks like phone charger, Anker 20,000mAmp pack, First Aid Kit, gloves, and wool cap.

I’d love to see if anyone could put some weights in the pack and see how they fit; something like a 25lb, 35lb, and 45lb and combinations would be nice, or if you have a ruck plate or similar from Goruck. If not, if you have a bunch of bricks to fill it up that would be appreciated.

Finally, anyone know how the strap placement differs between the GP and the GE25? The S25 seems to be pretty similar to my BB, but something about the GE25 just isn’t as comfortable to me. I prefer wearing my bags high up on my back and have plenty of comfort with my BB and the Goruck bags I’ve tried just not with the GE25 lately. Would love to know how the GP fits.