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    Question AERONAUT 45 question regarding the cubes.

    For some reason the post I did regarding this didn't post.

    I'm trying to figure out what combination of cubes to get for the Aeronaut 45. As the shipping cost is astronomical I want to get it right the first time.

    What combination do you use? What would you recommend for it?

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    Hi @Ria,

    Welcome to the forums. To get you started, try looking at some of the posts linked in Aeronaut 45 under the Accessories and Organizational Strategies thread.

    Any additional data about where you're going/how you envision using the bags/ your height and frame, and what you intend to carry is also useful.

    I happen to like the new Aether Packing Cube options (you can get either the older Halcyon design or Aether cubes), but Halcyon can have advantages if you want breathability in the mesh. I also like to use 1 large cube and 2 small cubes in the main compartment. However, I confess that I've sized down from the A45 for most of my travel.

    Information on where you are traveling may impact your suggestions (see, for example, A45 / S25 European Trip Retrospective & Review, where there was a different experience using the same combo in Europe vs. the U.S.). Some other threads: Considering options on Aeronaut 45 Packing Cubes Setup (discusses using small cubes bookend style, and predates the Aether options).

    There are often specific threads that show packups. Here's a recent one for the smaller A30: Aeronaut 30 - packing list for 26 days in Europe for work and play in August

    Hopefully, others will chime in.

    Also, as a new user, your first few forum posts are subject to moderation -- which means that a forum moderator has to be reading and manually approve the first few posts.



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    So I'm 167cm - he is 172cm, not sure who will be carrying it. We rarely go away for more than 3 weeks. This year we are going to Peru in May and we are not doing long walks with the bag - a 1-3 hours most. Next year we are going to Africa (central eastern region) for possibly 4 weeks.

    We've used backpacks in Ecuador, Morocco and Cuba. But normally we take check in luggage these days because we rarely travel around as much as we used to. Last year we went to Cuba and we had our enormous backpacks (because we were going from freezing to hot) and they were horribly heavy and we said we'd never do that again.

    However we have a connection in Peru which makes it impossible to have check in luggage. The idea to not check in luggage feels liberating. I do that locally all the time. This bag seems amazing.

    The A45 came up in "best bag ever" for carry on luggage searches. The A30 seems like it may be too small. My logic is that if I get the A45 and don't fill it - I can buy stuff and have the room in the bag for it.

    We also have as the 2nd bag a 35l Kathmandu (brand not country) but I might consider getting the A30 as a mine. Or a second Q45.

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    Hi Ria,

    here is my solution: I have two large and two small Aether packing cubes for the main compartment. That gives me a lot of flexibility depending on the purpose of my travel. Often I use one large one for pants and shirts and the small ones for underwear and socks. But I even used all of them which works fine if they are not overpacked and is great in terms of organization. When I use two large ones or one large and two small ones I usually have still enough space for a sweater or a jacket on top of the cubes. For the end compartments I have two Halcyon cubes as I often use them for shoes and thus I prefer the tougher material. However, I often use just one of them and put my toiletries and other stuff in the second end compartment. Overall, since I love TB stuff, I have more packing cubes than necessary....Big Grin
    ...spread joy in your neighbourhood Smilie Rainbow Cheers
    current bags: Smart Alec, Guide's Pack, Guide's Edition S25, Luminary 15, Daylight Backpack, Aeronaut 45, Tri-Star, Road Buddy 36, Daylight Briefcase, Small Yeoman Duffel, bits and pieces

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