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    Aeronaut 30 lining

    Hi there,

    I'm preparing to go on my honeymoon in two months (!) and I've been looking into the Aeronaut 30 for my one bag. I pack pretty light, and I think it has enough flexibility in its layout that if I were to pick up souvenirs, I'd find room for them here.

    Anyway, in the photos/videos I've seen, only the bottom and side of the bag appear cloth-lined, not the front/back panels (shown in this image of the A45 from this blog post). Can anyone please confirm whether this is true for the A30? I'd likely get it in the 1050d ballistic, if that makes a difference.

    I have an old backpack (admittedly, from another company) where, after 10 years of use, the interior coating has deteriorated and leaves little sticky flakes over my stuff. This is a frustrating reason to retire a bag, so I'm eager to prevent this problem as much as possible.


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    I have a Steel ballistic/Iberian halcyon A30 made last year.

    The lining is the halcyon. It's on most, but not all, of the inside of the bag, as you saw in the A45 photos.

    From the end pockets, the halcyon is what is used to form the slim slant pocket, the inside wall of the end pocket, the bottom of the end pocket, and then the zippered wall to the main compartment.
    It lines the bottom of the main compartment and trims the inner pocket of the main compartment flap.
    The halcyon that forms the bottom of the main compartment is therefore the back of the backpack strap compartment. It also lines that outside wall of the backpack compartment, because it holds the foam insert.

    Basically, the Steel ballistic forms the outer structure of the bag. The halcyon forms the inner divisions.

    I think the halcyon is used to both help form this structure and to provide a visual contrast to the interior.

    By contrast, the Yeoman Duffels are only ballistic, so the inside of the duffel is simply the reverse/inside of the ballistic material.

    You can check out the materials page for more details about the materials and the coatings.

    FWIW, Tom Bihn has a fantastic warranty and this Forum is filled with tales of durability and longevity of the bags.

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