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    Pop tote in an A30 pcbp

    I know one of the forum members graciously shared a photo of the pop tote in an A45 pcbp, I was curious of what it would look like (underpacked of course) in an A30 pcbp. Thanks!

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    I think it's the other way round, you might put the A30 pcbp in the pop tote. Here's the two bags side by side.

    Pop tote in an A30 pcbp-img_1475-jpg

    Then laid one on top of the other.

    Pop tote in an A30 pcbp-img_1476-jpg
    Pop tote in an A30 pcbp-img_1477-jpg

    And finally the A30 pcbp with the top compartment folded over and placed in the pop tote.

    Pop tote in an A30 pcbp-img_1479-jpg
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