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    So what fits in what? S25 DLB FS TC BB??? :)

    I have a Daylight backpack (DLB) with the corresponding Freudian Slip (FS) that has been my daily carry (use it nonstop as a field & urban sketching kit) for years. I love it for many reasons, but I really love that it slides perfectly into my Brain Bag (BB) for weekend trips, etc.

    Through the years, the DLB has become a bit cramped and since it doesn't have any back padding, I've never been happy with how it feels on my back when it's full. I'm finally placing an order today to upsize to a Synapse 25. Grabbing that olive while TB has it! Happy dance!

    As the DLB FS has gotten older, the pockets have stretched a bit and I've had trouble with art tools falling out of the FS and losing them in the field. Because of this, I planned to skip the S25 FS in favor of a Travel Cubelet (oh why oh why are they out of stock every time I want to do an order??? ) and combine it with another organizer that I have. Both of those in the S25 along with the extra space should hold all of my tools and personal items, and I can pop the travel cubelet (TC) out whenever I need to run an errand and don't need art supplies.

    (I'm assuming the TC will fit a TB organizer wallet along with an iPhone and a few other misc items.)

    Couple of questions...

    - I just read in the forums that the S25 FS will fit into a DLB. Now I'm thinking that I should order it anyway, especially since the TC is out of stock, just in case I want it with the S25 but I can also move it into the DLB when I just want a lighter carry. But yeah, my wallet could use the skip and this could be organization overkill. (Such a thing?) Anyone out there who has used the S25 FS for a while and can't live without it or uses the TC like I'm planning? I'm wondering if the FS is really worth the extra $50 or if I should wait for the TC.

    - Anyone know if the S25 will also fit into my Brain Bag? What about using the S25 FS in the Brain Bag? Sandwiching bags and crisscrossing accessories can be mighty handy! Smilie

    Anyway, a bit of a rambling post so maybe I'm just looking for support and confirmation before I drop $300 at TB today. Ouch, but what fun! But all of your expert opinions and suggestions are always appreciated!
    Last edited by Tonya; 05-31-2018 at 07:34 AM.

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