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    Synapse 25 slippery bottom


    I just received my Synapse 25 and I love it so far, however I notice that the bottom material (the edge that the bag sits on when you put it down) is quite slippery, and if I lean it against a chair or the like, it often slides down, no matter which way I put it.

    I notice that my old backpack has a different, non-slip material on the bottom that removes this issue...

    Has anyone seen this? Any solutions?



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    Halcyon and ballistic nylon are slippery compared to Cordura. That can be a good thing--my Cordura bags pick up lint and loose pet hair like crazy.

    I suppose you could use rubber straps and crisscross one or two straps across the bottom of the bag.

    There are two kinds of wide rubber straps I've seen that are grippy enough: silicone straps and the same type of rubber used for bicycle inner tires.

    One or two of those placed strategically should keep the bag from sliding on smooth surfaces. It doesn't have to be permanently attached to the outside of the bag. A 2in wide by 12in long PVC rubber strap could be tied with paracord so that it loosely covers the bottom, and when you set the bag down on the strap, it grips.

    The only other things I can think of are undesirable: 1) sew or glue on a grippy layer or patch of fabric or leather, 2) spray on some light glue designed to increase tackiness, like baseball bat grip spray, but this would pick up dirt like crazy and make your bag look gross.
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