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    Does the S25 frame guarantee the bag will stand-up?

    I have two hopes for the frame:
    * The bag will stand-up under a standard commute loaded (laptop, charger, light hoody, rain jacket, USB cables etc...)
    * The bag will stop bulging outward so damn much when using even a medium travel loadout... Those outside pockets with dedicated space means large loads have nowhere to go but bulge out or from the bag, which goes against the main and so-far only selling point to the S25 I have; its comfort

    If confirmed, I'll get one and save the bag Smilie

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    No, it wouldn't guarantee that. Because it really depends on how you pack the bag. I brought the bag along for a recent holiday and packed it with various things along the way. Sometimes it stood up, sometimes it didn't.

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    The frame makes the back rigid, so nothing is going to bulge into your back. The frame will do nothing to keep large objects in the outer pockets from making the outer pockets bulge out on the side of the pack not facing your back.

    Any empty S25 with the frame isn't going to really stand upright on its own, in my experience. If you put something with weight into the outer side, such as in the large outside pocket, it stands fairly easily. Even with that, it's not like a duffel that you can just plop down, not think about it, and be 100% sure it won't fall over.
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