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    Pilot vs Co-Pilot vs DLBC - What fits? (EDC + DSLR)

    Hey, so this is a question I had last year and I couldnít find the answer so I ordered all three to see which best met my needs - I figured this might be useful to anyone also trying to decide.

    Here you can see a Pilot surrounded by an extended version of my everyday carry:

    Pilot vs Co-Pilot vs DLBC - What fits? (EDC + DSLR)-img_20171012_084649-jpg

    • 13" Macbook Pro (in cache)
    • 9.7" iPad Pro + Smart Keyboard (in cache)
    • Large Halcyon OP
    • Medium Double OP
    • Small OP w/cables & folding charger + powerbank
    • Black & Blum Lunch Box in size 2 TSS
    • 20oz Klean Kanteen
    • Mini Qkit with dog treats
    • Size 1 TSS w/apple power charger & dongles
    • Side Effect w/wallet, headphones, phone, kindle & pens

    Pilot - Everything fits in the various pockets, no trouble at all
    Co-Pilot - Wonít fit the 13" macbook, the large OP or the side effect (the lunch box goes in a side pocket but the side effect is a bit too tight in there)
    DLBC - This thing is a bit of a monster, the laptop fits, plus a side effect and one or two other things but, not much. If I donít need my laptop then I can get everything in here on my list other than the laptop, charger and large OP

    I decided to keep the Pilot (and the DLBC because I was so impressed with how much you can get in the thing).

    Iíve used the Pilot as my EDC for ~9 months as well as my carry-on and once or twice as an overnight bag (with an A45 small packing cube).

    For my usual EDC, I donít take my iPad with me. And I only carry my laptop on a Monday/Friday (I can leave it at the office during the week). On those Mondays & Fridays though the bag is way too heavy. My commute is a 30 minute walk and by the end of it I can really feel the effect on my shoulders and back (Iím 6'2" and ~220lbs), so Iíve switched to my DLBP for the days I need to take a laptop with me.

    Hereís a slightly older version of my EDC in a DLBP

    Pilot vs Co-Pilot vs DLBC - What fits? (EDC + DSLR)-img_1284-jpg

    So here we have the iPad Pro 9.7", a size 2 TSS for lunch/waterproof, a 13" Macbook Pro, a Freudian Slip with charger, cables, headphones & other bits and a Side Effect for essentials.

    and a DLSR?

    My secondary use for this bag was to use as a carry-on, during the day on holidays or just days when I wanted to take my camera out with me. For that, I needed it to fit:
    • Sony A7s Mirrorless DSLR (+ 35mm lens)
    • 9.7" iPad Pro (in cache)
    • Side Effect with essentials as above
    • Bose QC35 headphones (for carry-on)
    • Folding charger, cables, powerbank

    Pilot vs Co-Pilot vs DLBC - What fits? (EDC + DSLR)-group-2-jpg

    I have a Tenba BYOB 9 (top left) that can fit my camera, an extra lens (60mm), cables, chargers & a load of spare batteries/sd cards.

    The rest of those images (clockwise) show that bag in the Pilot, Co-Pilot and DLBC. To be honest, none are really appropriate for my needs. As youíd probably expect, that Tenba bag does fit in the bottom of the DLBP as well as a everything else on that list (and more) but, I prefer a cross-body bag if Iím wearing it all day.

    I rarely carry that much camera equipment around with me, all I really need is the camera + 35mm lens and a spare battery, so letís see how that looks.

    Pilot vs Co-Pilot vs DLBC - What fits? (EDC + DSLR)-group-3-jpg

    Hereís that setup in a Domke Wrap (inside a Size 3 TSS). A much better fit in all of the bags.

    I spent a week in NYC recently and carried my Pilot with camera, side effect, waterproof and headphones all day every day.

    Hopefully thatís useful for anyone trying to decide. It was a touch choice whether to keep the Pilot or Co-Pilot to be honest but the need to carry a 13" laptop swayed me to the Pilot.
    Attached Images Attached Images Pilot vs Co-Pilot vs DLBC - What fits? (EDC + DSLR)-group-3-jpg  Pilot vs Co-Pilot vs DLBC - What fits? (EDC + DSLR)-group-2-jpg  Pilot vs Co-Pilot vs DLBC - What fits? (EDC + DSLR)-img_20171012_084649-jpg 

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